Cityzens Giving

Cityzens Giving

Melbourne City FC, alongside City Football Group clubs Manchester City FC and New York City FC, launched Cityzens Giving in 2014; a brand new program funded by the clubs' annual revenues that allows City fans to extend the ‘football effect’ to areas of need across the globe. Through Cityzens Giving, City wanted put fans at the heart of the decision making and sees a network of dedicated young leaders develop and deliver community football projects that have been created to tackle pressing issues affecting young people in their city including substance abuse, unemployment and disability inclusion.

In the 2017 / 2018 campaign and for the fourth successive year, we asked supporters to make a difference to communities across the globe and were delighted by the staggering number of people who backed the campaign.

I Speak Football

Melbourne is a diverse city where 58% of people have one or both parents born overseas. I Speak Football uses football to bring young people from different communities together to build social connections and reduce isolation.

Young leaders returned for a fourth year to deliver their social inclusion project that will bring 600 young people together and teach them important life and language skills.

Young leaders have worked with over 3,000 young people in schools and communities over the last four years, teaching them about the importance of respect, friendship and understanding.

“When I look back at where this project started and what we have achieved, I feel really proud," Young Leader Albert Mambo said as he reflected on the past four years.

"It’s given me a purpose, a set of skills, and most importantly to me, a group of people that I can call my family.”

This project is delivered by Melbourne City in the Community.

This project is delivered in partnership with Melbourne City in the Community.