AXF Coach's Corner w/ JvS

To lose a game in the fashion we did on Wednesday is very hard to take.

To lose a game in the fashion we did on Wednesday is very hard to take.

We played incredibly well for large parts of the contest, creating a number of chances, but we didn-t put anything away.

Towards the latter stages of the contest, the game began to open up and our team were really playing to win. They could sense the three points was within reach.

However, the Central Coast then hit us against the run of play, and Michael McGlinchey played an inch perfect cross to the back post. Our defenders were close, but not close enough, and Adam Kwasnik scored.

I can only give my compliments to all the boys for the performance they put on display, but unfortunately, for the three points, it wasn-t enough.

While the Central Coast Mariners and Brisbane Roar are closely matched, they take contrasting approaches to the game.

Brisbane look to dominate and take control of possession, the tempo of the match. They want to press forward and play within the half of the opponent.

Central Coast in contrast are content without the ball in possession. When they have the ball, they can certainly play, and until now, they have been more effective than Brisbane when in possession.

They use two kinds of systems which are both very effective, and it will be interesting to see who can go as far as possible at the end of the season.

But as far as I-m concerned, the most important thing on my mind at the moment is tomorrow night, and getting back on the winners list.