Cityzens Giving is back!

City Football Group's global community initiative has returned for a fourth consecutive year as we again ask fans to make a difference to the lives of people around the world.


CFG and its partners have pledged $650,000 to the campaign, which will fund community football projects delivered by inspiring young leaders who are attempting to tackle pressing societal issues.

It’s up to City fans in Manchester, New York and Melbourne to decide how this funding is allocated between six projects and we are calling on you to vote for the cause which inspires you the most.

The more votes a project gets the more funding it will receive.

This year’s projects are located in Manchester, New York, Melbourne, Bangkok, Guangzhou and Los Angeles and aim to promote girls’ empowerment, connecting communities, social inclusion, crime prevention, disability inclusion and healthy lifestyles, respectively.

The Club will work with established charity partners in each city, with each project combining the work delivered by young leaders with pitch building and refurbishing, when required.

You can find out more about each project and vote for your preferred cause at:

City Football Group Chief Executive, Ferran Soriano, spoke of his pride as the campaign got underway.

“Since the Cityzens Giving initiative launched in 2014, we have trained 750 young leaders in 18 cities around the world who have in turn, worked with 23,000 children and young people in their communities.

“We are immensely proud of our community work that empowers better lives through the universal language of football.

“By placing fans at the heart of the decision making we are creating a truly connected global community.”

One Young Leader who is a shining example of how the votes of City fans impact the lives of real people in Melbourne is 20-year-old Faisal Aden.

Having developed initially as an I Speak Football participant, Aden has emerged to become an inspirational Young Leader, delivering the program for over 200 participants in the multicultural suburb of Collingwood.

Running football and coaching sessions, Aden helps to inspire and educate young newly-arrived members of the community who may be experiencing social isolation and discrimination through football.

“This project is very important to my community because most of the young people that live here are originally from overseas. It is hard for these young people to make new friends in a culture that is completely new and different to them.

“If they struggle to fit in, they will tend to head towards the wrong pathway in life. But projects like I Speak Football help to positively influence them, equipping them with the skills needed to tackle challenges in their community, keep them active, positive and out of trouble. Many of these kids love football and will listen, connect and learn through football, which is a great strength of the program.”

In addition to the six projects included in the year’s campaign, City Football Group is also continuing to fund projects in Beijing, Bandung, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Cape Coast, Kolkata, Cape Town, Barranquilla and Kuala Lumpur.