Melbourne City FC Supports VicHealth's H30 Challenge

Melbourne City FC is joining forces with VicHealth to encourage Victorians to substitute sugary drinks for water.

A new partnership announced today will see Melbourne City FC encouraging fans to take VicHealth’s H30 Challenge and make a simple 30-day pledge to replace every sugary drink they would normally drink with water. 

VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter congratulated the club for taking a leadership role and making the switch, saying the players’ support for the H30 Campaign would inspire football fans across the state to make the switch to water.

“VicHealth is committed to tackling the tough issues – in particular the rising obesity levels in Victoria. The H30 Challenge is essential to reducing Victorians’ intake of excess kilojoules through sugary drinks, while our Walk to School campaign is a great initiative to get children moving and our free TeamUp app connects adults and groups to a wide range of physical activities within their local community.

“The H30 Challenge in particular encourages people to make a simple 30-day pledge to replace every sugary drink they would normally drink, with water. Sugary drinks include sugar-sweetened soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks, sports drinks, ready-to-drink iced tea, flavoured water and cordial.

“We are excited to be the official hydration partner for Melbourne City FC this season,” Ms Rechter added.

Sugar-sweetened beverages are the largest source of sugars in the Australian diet and high intake of these sugary drinks are associated with poorer health outcomes, such as increased risk of weight gain and increased risk of tooth decay.

As part of the partnership, fans will be encouraged to make the switch through a number of initiatives including the distribution of free reusable bottles at selected matches to encourage fans to drink water instead of sugary beverages.

Melbourne City FC CEO Scott Munn said: “It is vitally important for the players to hydrate correctly during the season and hot summer months and the best way to do that is to choose water instead of sugary alternatives.

“We encourage our supporters to join us in making the switch to water by ditching sugary drinks. Sign up for the 30-day challenge and make the pledge today.”

Participants can join the H30 Challenge at any time convenient for them, for a 30-day period.

How to H30

  • Sign up at
  • Choose a start date that is convenient for you
  • Switch sugary drinks for water for 30 days and reap the rewards
  • You’ll receive regular emails to keep you motivated along the way!